Revealing Life


We are almost to our goal!


The Need

Through our work with individuals and families we have come to realize a clear and defined need within our community and for those we serve. Free, limited obstetric ultrasounds are not currently available in our county, nor the surrounding counties. Faced with an unexpected pregnancy, 90% of women who see their baby via ultrasound choose life. Ultrasounds provide a first picture of a child to expectant parents and affirms life. With more than 25,000 reported abortions happening in Michigan each year, we know that our work will have an impact.


We are embarking on a mission to open a medical clinic on our existing property, capable of providing free, limited obstetric ultrasounds to pregnant women which will ultimately answer three key questions for each woman:

  1. Does my baby have a heartbeat?

  2. Is the pregnancy safely located in my uterus?

  3. What is the approx. gestational age of my baby?

This project is not an overnight idea, and is the cumulation of years of planning, preparation, research into best practices, national accreditation, and finally key community partnerships. In January 2018, the local chapter of Knights of Columbus granted us funds to purchase an ultrasound machine as part of their national ultrasound initiative. With an ultrasound machine secured, it was time to develop the policies, procedures, and processes essential to opening a clinic. The Medical Conversion Team began meeting in November 2017, and today this committee has been essential in creating the behind-the-scenes details for the clinic. Now, we are ready to begin discussions with donors and the community on the importance of this program, and raise the funds necessary to ensure the clinic’s long-term success.

Project Details


The New Life Pregnancy Resource Center Ultrasound Clinic will be located on the existing property, behind the current building. The 500 sq ft garage will be converted into a limited, obstetric ultrasound clinic and will include:


  • One exam room containing a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine

  • One consultation room

  • A warm and inviting reception and administrative area

  • Restroom facilities


The clinic will be staffed by medical professionals under the direct supervision of a licensed Medical Director. Initially, the clinic will be opened one day per week on the same days/office hours as New Life Pregnancy Resource Center. Additional days (no more than 3 days per week) will be added according to the demands of the community and surrounding counties.

Clinic Layout


The Impact

In order for this project to become a reality, NLPRC needs to raise a total of $465,000, which includes the construction of the clinic and clinic operation for three years. Over the course of the three years post construction, NLPRC will work to build a strong and robust donor base to support the long-term sustainability of the clinic. This is not just about building a clinic, but building a sustainable community resource that will be here serving women and families for years to come.

We anticipate that the women seeking a free, limited obstetric ultrasound will be, for example: someone in an early term pregnancy wanting confirmation on gestation age and/or wanting to see their child on the ultrasound machine; someone questioning the pregnancy/unsure they are pregnant; someone wanting confirmation the child is in the womb; someone struggling financially; someone in an abusive relationship; etc. We also anticipate our volume to be between 1-8 ultrasounds per month (based upon being open 1- 3 days per week).

How To Give

Please contact Jennifer VanRyckeghem, Executive Director at (989) 732-1626 to make a gift today.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 790, Gaylord, Michigan 49734

Physical Address for in-person donations (NO MAIL RECEPTACLE): 705 S. Otsego Avenue, Gaylord, MI 49735