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The Light Shines On

Pro-life people received a gut punch last week when the Supreme Court of the United States went against the state of Texas’ law that protected the lives of women who seek abortions.  This was  not a law that took away a woman’s right to have an abortion but to provide her with a sterile environment in which to have the surgery and a doctor who has admitting privileges just in case something goes wrong.  It truly goes against sound thinking.  We, as life affirming folks, can look at this decision as a reason to stop fighting the good fight or we can look at it as a rally call to get behind our local pregnancy centers.
Here are some facts about pregnancy care centers.   They speak the truth.  When a pregnancy center puts out abortion facts to a client they come straight from medical sources.  We don’t have to make up facts.  The medical facts speak loud and clear for themselves.  When a woman seeks an abortion she should know what it entails.  Is it medical or surgical? What are the possible problems that can occur with either option?  How far along is your pregnancy and is it viable?  Could there be emotional side effects afterwards?  If so, what could that look like?  These are the things pregnancy centers talk about - sounds just like a surgeon who will present all facts to a patient before a surgery.  We expect that from a surgeon, and we should expect that for every woman who is seeking an abortion too. 
Pregnancy centers love women.  We want to see them healthy and happy.  We accept all who come through our doors.  There is nothing that someone has done that will keep them from receiving our services.   We give them a welcome place to share and not be judged.  We cry with them, pray with them, laugh with them, and walk through life together.  They have a true friend in us. 

True light is shining out of these pregnancy centers.  This is the light of life, truth, compassion, love, community, peace, acceptance, and faith.  We continue on, even when it seem like we are beaten, because we aren’t.  As long as pregnancy centers exist, there is hope.  God made us for that very purpose.  His hope and truth are presented daily.  Jesus taught us to love life.  This love starts at the very beginning of life until the ending of it through a natural death as God has set forth.  Each life is created for a great purpose and pregnancy centers want everyone who comes through our doors to understand that.  A mom and her child are both equally important in God’s eyes and each should be fought for.  We do that daily.
Everyone can be a light for life.  Pregnancy centers all over the world are making a difference because of those who partner with us.  We need ultrasound machines and those who can perform ultrasounds.  Statistics show that up to 95% of women will decide for the life of their child after seeing an ultrasound.   Pregnancy centers also need financial backers.  Many centers cannot utilize ultrasound capabilities because of the costs that come with it, things like extra salaries, insurances, and creating the needed space for a medical examination room are just some of the costs pregnancy centers face.   We also need supplies to be donated for these moms.  These include diapers, diaper wipes, and clothing.  When a woman decides to keep their child they will need the ability to provide these much needed items for them.  Our centers also need volunteers.  There is much work to do and small budgets to get it done.  Volunteers are invaluable to pregnancy centers.  Pregnancy centers need people to invite us to their churches and clubs so we can get the word out to more people. We need people to attend our fundraisers and invite their friends to attend too.  Try hosting a baby shower or baby bottle month at your church or clubs.  These are a great way for us to receive the funds and material donations we desperately need.   Pray about becoming a board member or sitting on fundraising, building, or ultrasound committees.  We are always in need of people with different skills and connections in the community for these positions. 

There are so many ways in which you can be a light for your local pregnancy centers.  Please help us to continue on in our defense of life.  You too can make a difference for life.  You too can shine.

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Rachel on Friday, August 05, 2016 8:33 PM
Excellent post Julie. Thank you for shining the truth with this blog. Rachel
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