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A June Wedding

Weddings are one of the life events that bring untold amounts of joy into a family.  We will be experiencing this very soon. This blog is about a mom’s journey in preparation for my daughter’s wedding. 

As a mom I have dreamed of my daughters' future weddings for quite a while.  Who is the man that God picked out for each of them? How would I feel about the actual leaving me and cleaving to him? There is no way you can know these things until they happen.  I have experienced both joy and pain in this journey.  I’m thrilled about seeing my beautiful Brittany in her wedding gown and walking down the garden path on the arm of her dad.  The pain is the realization that I have only four more days before my girl changes her name and starts down the path of her own family story.

My life with Brittany started when I was 19 years old.  I was married to my husband on December 14 1991 and Brittany was born February 4 1992.  I was pretty young and a tad bit scared.  We moved to Germany where Brent was stationed when Brittany was 6 months old.  I had never been lived outside of Michigan and had only been out of my parent’s home for 8 months.  Our life was only complicated by the fact that we lived in a German city and not on base and Brent spent a lot of time training away from home.  I was lonely because I did not know the language and couldn’t make friends with my neighbors.  Brittany was with me all of the time as I was maturing and adjusting to marriage and parenting in tough circumstances.  We became a team of sorts.  We would continue this sort of friendship/parenting bond throughout our lives.

Brittany grew up as we moved from Germany to Georgia, Georgia to Virginia, and Virginia to Michigan.  During this time we added two more awesome kids named Laura and Matthew to our family.  This little family unit was very tight knit and a joy to me.  Through all the moves we had each other and that was what mattered most.  Our last move landed us in Gaylord Michigan in 2005.  Brittany started school here her eight grade year and graduated in 2010.  We had some bumps and bruises along the way but we made it through and we now looked forward to her college years. Brittany chose Michigan State University for her college and was also serving in the National Guard in the 126 Army band.  We were so proud of her and were there to cheer her on in both of these endeavors.  She made the Spartan Marching Band her freshman year so we bought season tickets and made every home game over the last five years to support her.  We watched her grow and improve over the years to make it to the elite spot of being an eeph in the band.  That is an e-flat trumpet and was quite the accomplishment for her.  She graduated in May with a degree in Kinesiology.

So here we are in June.  I’m days away from letting go as my daughter marries her Doug and moves on.  I will not have to imagine what she will look like in her wedding dress much longer.  On Sunday Brittany will start to write the story of her marriage and family life.  God has been bringing about this day for 23 years.  He picked out her husband and He will lead their family.  That makes it so much easier to let her go.  So I will shed some tears but they will be good ones.  I can trust God’s plan for Brittany and Doug.  It is much more amazing than I could imagine and I know only He can bring it about.  I’m so thankful to God for giving her to me for these years and the pleasure I will now get watching her new life unfold.  


This blog was written on June 3rd, prior to the wedding. The following picture was taken on their wedding day.

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Jenny on Monday, July 13, 2015 6:08 AM
Thank you for sharing so many things that I never knew. I'm sorry you were lonely in Germany. I'll be praying for Brittany and Doug as their future unfolds.
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