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Sewn In Love

I have an amazing gift coming into my life and his name is Aaron.  My first grand baby is due to arrive on July 6!  I can hardly contain my joy when I think of this little guy.  God made this precious addition to our family for a great purpose.

When I found out I was going to be a grandma it started me down a blissful road.  I was amazed to hear your heartbeat and to see you on the ultrasound for the first time.  You kept your tiny hand up by your mouth for all of the pictures the doctor took of you.  I thought this was amazing.  I looked at your mom and dad who were both beaming as they saw you for the first time.  

My Brittany is going to be a mommy.  She is going to be an awesome mom to you!  She has a ton of favorite books that she will be reading to you.  We know how important that time spent together will be to both of you.  Your dad already has some crazy plans for things he wants to do with you.  Most have to do with the Green Bay Packers. You have some trips across Lake Michigan in your future for sure.

As many grandmas do, I started thinking about what I could make for you.  This would be a gift of love from me. So I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick out a baby quilt that I could stitch.  I know your mom loves giraffes, so that is the theme I’m going with.  I haven’t stitched for quite a while and I’m a bit rusty.  Some of my stitches are big, some a little smaller.  I know that the stitching should be more uniform, but that is okay.  Someday you will know that every stitch in it was sewn with love for you, Aaron.  When you are wrapped in your quilt you will be wrapped in love from your grandma.

I want you to know your grandma prays for you.  God has an amazing plan for you, Aaron.  You were made for great things.  Your precious life was lovingly knit together by your Heavenly Father.  He sees you as you are growing bigger in your mom’s tummy.  Maybe He even talks to you.  If He does, I think He tells you how precious you are to Him.  You are indeed precious!

I anticipate the day that I will meet you face to face.  I will be in the delivery room with your mom, dad, and Aunt Weewa.  I would like to say I will be number 2 in line for holding you but I think your dad may say differently.  When I do finally hold you I will kiss your little head. The answer to whether or not you are a ginger will finally be answered.   I will whisper my love for you into your ear.  Each of your toes and fingers will be looked at and touched.  I will say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for you being gifted to our family.

I will be counting down the time until you arrive.  I will keep sewing your quilt in anticipation of that day.  Each and every stitch is being sewn in love for you, Aaron.

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Nana on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 9:32 AM
WHY DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SHED TEARS WHENEVER I READ any OF YOUR BLOGS ? You are an awesome person & I am lucky to know you !!!
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