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Donate a Meal for

Prepare a simple wholesome meal for 15 hungry moms and their 

It's not as daunting as it may sound.  Our ladies really enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.  

We often serve a casserole/or crock pot creation with salad, or soup and salad/or fruit.  The ladies are very appreciative of anything that we serve them.

Each meeting night it's a special treat for these young women who enjoy a healthy meal out; and to enjoy the fellowship and support of one another. 

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month
at 6 P.M.


 The meal may be prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen and delivered around 6:00 P.M to New Life; or you are welcome to prepare the meal at the center's kitchen.  

Interested in cooking for "New Shoots"?

We currently have a couple of wonderful ladies that are presently preparing meals for our "New Shoots" program, but if you are interested in preparing a meal in a back up capacity, please contact the center. 

   You're kindness would be a blessing and encouragement to this ministry!                 

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