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The Lesson of Fake Nails

Have you ever done something to hide something you don’t like in your life?  I have many times.  Most recently I went and had acrylic nails put on right before our spring banquet.  These covered up my less than stellar real nails but there is more to the story. This blog covers the lesson I learned from having fake nails.

My finger nails have never been something I wanted to showcase.  I have very brittle nails that crack and peel.  I’m also a nail biter from way back so they tend to be pretty short. My nails are something I like to keep out of eyesight of most people.  Right before New Life’s spring banquet I decided to remedy my problem with acrylic nails.  I was pretty impressed by how they turned out.  They were long and done in a French manicure.  It felt “out of this world” to look so glam.  They served their purpose for the evening and life went on.
As I went about my life and my work duties I started realizing I had a problem with these nails.  I no longer had the use of my fingertips.  I couldn’t pick up anything off the floor, a table, my desk, or anywhere for that matter.  I also had trouble using my phone.  I really started hating my fancy nails. I made the decision to get them off and headed to the nail salon.  Relief was finally in sight.

As the nail tech started working on my nail I thought about my daughter’s upcoming wedding.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have my nails look good for that? I had the tech fill in where my nails had grown and file them down shorter to give me control of my fingertips again.  My nails looked great for the wedding. I was really happy until I realized that I still didn’t have the full use of my fingertips and again I wanted them off. 

Once again I find myself at the nail salon.  The nail tech cuts the acrylics down and proceeds to remove them from my nails.  It was a slightly uncomfortable experience but I made it through because I knew relief was in reach.  The nail tech asked me if I wanted new acrylic nails. I answered “no”.  He said I would feel naked without them, to which I answered “I will feel normal without them”. He filed my real nails a little, put a little clear coat on them, and he sent me on my way.

I was happy for just a short time after I left the salon.  I now had fingertips again and my life would return to normal.  Not so much.  What I had was razor sharp, chipped, grooved, and weak nails.  I couldn’t wait to get home to file them down and apply some nail polish to them.  I did this but I could not achieve very good results because my real nails were now damaged.

So what is the point of this story?  Never try to disguise or cover up 
something you find lacking with yourself.  The real problem is still there lurking underneath.  By trying to cover my problem up I made it worse.  I now have scarred nails that will take quite some time to heal.  

This is true of my life also.  Anytime I have tried to be someone I was not, it left me scarred.  It took a lot of time, energy, and prayer to heal from these missteps in my life.  It took a kind of silly life experience to remind me to live the best I can as the person God created me to be.

2 Comments to The Lesson of Fake Nails:

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Jenny on Monday, July 13, 2015 6:23 AM
Lol...this brings to mind my experience with the nails you can buy at the drug store and glue on yourself - a painful experience that didn't even last one day. I'm still discovering who I am and like those fake nails it isn't always comfortable. When God gives me these new insights I find myself growing in ways that I never expected, but in the end I find that I'm a better me.
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buyessays on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 11:30 PM
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