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"New Shoots" is a support group and incentive program especially designed to meet the needs of first time moms.*
The New Shoots program helps you earn points that you can exchange for all the items you'll be needing for your baby while you prepare for the birth.
To participate in New Shoots you must complete an application form which will be reviewed for approval by the program director.

All New Shoots members are required to attend the two monthly meetings, to remain in good standing.  Each meeting features training by the director or a special speaker on topics such as parenting, child birth, baby safety, etc.  Meetings are currently being held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

*Other young mothers may qualify for the program at the discretion of the director.

Deep Roots is an incentive program meant to reward you for learning while at the same time, we at the center, learn how to better serve you.
New Life is a family resource center serving moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, or anyone having legal custody of a child. 
Earning points is simple.  Points are rewarded for attending church, a Bible study, or a mom's support group.  There are also opportunities to earn through parenting classes at the center, or for writing book reports on books from the center's library, or even for volunteering at the center.  

Points can be redeemed for baby bath items, items from the "Baby Room", baby swing, bassinet, car seat, crib, mattress, crib sheet, diaper bag, disposable diapers, feeding set, high chair, hooded towel, washcloths,
Pack-N-Play, stroller, or wipes.
You can be enrolled into the Deep Roots program by coming to the center and requesting enrollment.

"Sowing  Seeds"


Our "Sowing seeds" is a mentoring program that is being developed and offered to clients, who are parents, as an opportunity to learn and/or hone their parenting and life skills with a one-on-one mentor who will shepherd them,  pray for them and with them. 

Clients that accept an invitation into the           “Sowing Seeds” program are expected to agree to a minimum of 12 month participation. 

Incentives (gift cards from local businesses) are awarded for parenting classes completed with the mentor and for Bible verse memorization work  with memorization work is an optional choice.

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